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Fearless '40s


Despite the crisis of World War II and the resultant austerity,

costume jewellery became the main choice for women to brighten

up their outfits. An old dress or something plain bought with coupons

could be transformed with a bright coloured brooch or a statement



Pearls were still enduringly popular.

With the big bold styles it was advisable not to overdo it. Usually

the rule of thumb was one or two pieces max, for instance bold

clip on earrings and a matching brooch.

In the daytime, sensible suits and print dresses were worn – even

trousers, and a discreet pearl necklace or round clip earrings worked

best. Military shoulder-pads gave way to a post-war softness. But the lure of Hollywood was still strong and American fashions a big influence.






Patriotic jewellery, hand-made items with felt, plastic or wood replaced metal which was more necessary for the war effort. And sterling silver made a comeback as it was no good for shell casings.

Designers like Miriam Haskell, Coro and Trifari continued to dominate.

  • Heart pendants – for when your loved one is far away fighting

  • Brooches. On everything

  • Statement pieces with bright flowers or fruit, heavy beads

  • Simple pearl necklaces

  • Large round clip on earrings

  • Hair clips

  • More cheap materials, wood, plastic glass, fabric – felt flower pins for hats, fake flowers

  • Charm bracelets

  • Wrist watches


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