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About Us

The Timeless Vintage Jewels Mission

At Timeless Vintage Jewels and Styling, our mission is to provide a fun and engaging way to discover vintage style for everyone, to take the mystery out and empower everyone to discover their own style, help them to feel beautiful and to shop sustainably. 

We promise to provide quality jewellery and a fantastic personal service while growing a community of vintage lovers old and new and supporting sustainable shopping.

We promise to always maintain a personal touch, a welcoming environment and to always be there to lend a helping hand to our customers and to help them feel beautiful.


My name is Susan and I am the founder of Timeless Vintage Jewels & Styling!

For twenty years I have been a keen collector of vintage jewellery and other vanity items like fans, accessories, hats, and clothes – buying and selling at online auctions, as well as being a keen historian. My favourite designer is definitely Napier. Or is it Miriam Haskell? But then there’s Dior. Ah, Dior. Ok, I can’t choose.


I have worked for London auction houses and currently a top props hire company where I advise film and television set decorators and stylists on the correct items for the period they are trying to recreate, specialising in costume accessories and textiles. 


As a former actor I have always had a passion for dress-up and love going to costume parties, especially in some of the fabulous period venues in and around London. I’ve always loved helping my friends find just the right look for a party and the perfect jewellery to finish it off and decided that 2018 was the year to turn all of that into a business!


My current bucket list includes a full-scale Victorian ball where I can swirl around in a crinoline – a girl has to have a dream, right?!


I hope you enjoy exploring my collection. I am always adding new things and if there is anything specific you’d like, just drop me a line.


Susan  xxx

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