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Perfect '50s

In the post-war boom, costume jewellery became bigger and better –

but much classier and more refined than the 1940s boldness.

Matching sets were key looks, and brooches as ever were the go-to

must-have for every woman. Gilt or gold-tone metal was back in a

big way as was sparkle along with the multi-strand pearl necklace

– in lots of colours set over a little black dress.

The new style of full and A-line skirts and cinched waists were

essentially feminine and the jewellery reflected and promoted the

perfect woman and perfect wife. The newer wide neckline

meant necklaces were back as daywear and accessorising fully

was the mark of a perfectly groomed woman of style.

Later in the decade brighter colours re-emerged, even for day wear,

red, turquoise, coral, blue, pink and often matched the outfit. Sparkle

came back for evening in full force with the re-availability of paste jewellery and rhinestone.

  • Matching sets (parures) in bright colours and styles

  • Multi-strand pearl necklaces – cheap faux pearls made them hugely popular

  • Gold and gilt metal sets with coloured enamels

  • Brooches, brooches everywhere

  • Accessorise to the MAX

  • Pearl necklace and drop earrings for the day

  • Evening sparkle – you’re a film star again! Hurrah!

  • Wide necklines to show off your necklace worn high at the base of the throat

  • Long gloves for the evening

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