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Timeless Vintage Jewellery Boxes
Jewellery by Subscription

They're Here!!

We are so excited to be launching our new Timeless Vintage Jewellery Boxes - giving you the chance to receive vintage and pre-loved jewellery and shop sustainably - through your letter box every month!

We are further developing our commitment, not just to encourage the love of all things vintage, but to support sustainable fashion and reduce the impact of waste on our world. Our boxes will contain vintage, retro and preloved pieces with all packaging recyclable or reusable.

IMG_8855 (1).jpg

Choose the option that suits you and your budget best, and after ordering you will receive an email offering you ways to tailor your selections. If you want to make suggestions or offer feedback - just drop us a line.

None of our jewellery is new to the market, everything is sourced individually and best of all.... each piece will be chosen just for you.


Cos you're just that special.

Give the Gift of Jewellery

If you would like to purchase a subscription as a gift, please add the recipient's name and shipping address when you complete the checkout and in the "add a note" section, let us know that this is a gift.  We will then send you a snazzy PDF gift card for you to pass on to the lucky recipient so they can activate their plan.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose Your Jewellery Box

One Piece Jewellery Box
One Piece Per Month Recurring Subscription


Every Month

  • One piece of jewellery per month

  • Great Budget Option

  • Free Shipping - UK only

  • Letterbox Friendly

  • Rolling Subscription - Cancel Anytime

Two Piece Jewellery Box
Two Pieces a Month Recurring Subscription


Every Month

  • Two pieces of gorgeous jewellery every month

  • Free Shipping - UK only

  • Rolling Subscription - Cancel Anytime

A Year Of Jewellery
One Piece Of Jewellery Each Month for One Year


20% discount (Price with monthly recurring option £119.88)

  • One piece of jewellery every month for a year

  • One-Off Payment - No Recurring Subscription

  • Free Shipping - UK only

  • Letterbox Friendly

  • Great Gift Option!

  • At Discounted Rate Each Box Costs £7.92

A Year Of Jewellery
Two Pieces Of Jewellery Each Month for One Year


2 months free! (Price with monthly recurring option £227.88

  • Two pieces of jewellery each month for one year

  • One-Off Payment - No Recurring Subscription 

  • Great Gift Option!

  • Free Shipping - UK only

  • At Discounted Rate Each Box Costs £15.75

20% Saving!

2 Months Free!

Subscription Box Policies:

Subscriptions currently available in United Kingdom & N.I ONLY.

Rolling subscription charged monthly. Plan be cancelled at any time. Rolling subcriptions currently only available via Paypal.

One-off purchases will automatically finish at the end of 1 year. If you wish to pause deliveries for any reason email us directly.

Boxes will be dispatched each month around the original order date. 

Letterbox-friendly option items will be appropriately sized to fit the parcel sized using Royal Mail letterbox sizes, therefore there will be no larger chunkier pieces.

All items are pre-loved, retro or vintage and will have some wear commensurate with their age. Every effort will be made to choose items in the best condition possible. A description will be provided with each box and any wear catalogued. Please let us know if any damage has occurred in transit.

If you are dissatisfied with the items chosen for you please provide feedback by email so that we can improve our selections for you.

Any information or offers supplied within the box from third-party partners is not administered by Timeless Vintage Jewels and no customer details are passed to any third parties.

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