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Showcasing Vintage Fashion at Goodwood Revival

Attending vintage themed events is enormously fun. Embracing the atmosphere with everyone is a joy and a trip back in time without the pesky butterfly effect. Goodwood Revival is one of the highlights of the vintage calendar. With so many events cancelled this year due to COVID-19, we are really hoping this one will still go ahead in September!

For those of you who have never heard of it or curious about going, Abdul Basit has given you a quick rundown....


Goodwood Revival is one of the most popular motor race meetings in the world. It is a 3 Day Festival which is held every year in September at the wonderful 12,000 acre estate of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon in West Sussex. The Goodwood Estate itself is home to a rich calendar of events all year, including the Festival of Speed for car enthusiasts and horse racing at their famous Racecourse throughout the year.


The Revival is the biggest and most famous event where all the people dress in period clothes and recreate the era of motorsport and fashion of 1950s and 1960s. The very first Revival Festival was held on September 18, 1988 - fifty years after the 9th Duke of Richmond, Frederick Charles Gordon Lennox drove the circuit in the Bristol 400 to open the track for motor racing in 1948.

With many ups and downs over the years, this festival is appreciated for the excellent showcase of motor racing where fans dress in vintage fashion come from all over the world and go back in time, even just for a few days.

Now, if you are interested in attending this historic festival, then I have a few vintage fashion tips to guide all you ladies and gentlemen out there.


What to wear for Goodwood Revival?

The festival is all about going back to the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s era. Let me give you a few ideas on each of the decades.

1940s Vintage Fashion

The 1940s fashion was inspired by the war so the fashion style was considered to be practical and comfortable. A combination of high waisted and wide-leg trousers paired with waister jumper, blouse, and a jacket would be a good 1940s vintage look. Tea dance dresses in floral prints are very feminine and elegant. You can match your dress with a headscarf and hear platform wedges. Wear minimal makeup with winged eyeliner and a red lip. And you will be good to go!!!

1950s Vintage Fashion

The 1950s was a glamorous decade with attractive dresses, matching accessories, and plenty of jewellery. Go for polka dots, bright colours, floral prints, and even animal prints. For a more elegant look, you can choose a pencil line skirt to show off your curves. Make sure that you carry matching bags and gloves and if it gets windy, get yourself a 1950s style swing coat. Again, winged eyeliner and a bold lip go perfectly with this vintage fashion style.

A competition is also held for the best dressed. And this competition has become as much as important as the motor racing. There is a whole panel of judges at the Revival that are vintage fashion experts. They choose people based on their outfit, makeup, hair, and accessory. Make sure to pay attention to the minor details when you select your look for the festival. The panel will select a few of the best dressed and qualify them to take part in the Best Dressed Competition. So, this may be a great opportunity for all you fashion enthusiasts out there to showcase your impressive vintage outfits.

Photograph: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

The Goodwood Revival is not just about racing and fashion - its about embracing the atmosphere and having fun, there are children's races, dancing, picnics...Goodwood Revival keeps the history alive and relives the Goodwood Circuit even in this modern world. Modern developments and vehicles are not allowed inside and people from all over the world attend this historic festival dressed in periodic clothing. So, are you enthralled to take part?

Lots of information is available at Fingers crossed it can go ahead this year!


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